Get Going Faster with the SansKey PBS-100 Keyless Start System

SansKey gets you going faster. With the PBS-100, starting your car or truck becomes keyless. The press of a button becomes all it takes to start your vehicle.

Packed with useful features, the PBS-100 will instantly upgrade your vehicle. Installation is a breeze and any shop that installs remote starters will have no problem installing the PBS-100; helping you to get going faster.

Here's How It Works

  1. Put your foot on the brake.
  2. Now press the button.
  3. The engine fires up and you're ready to roll.

Easy, right?

What's So Great About It?

Sweet features.
Easy to install.
Made in the USA.
Secure, safe, and of course, cool.

Universal Installation

The PBS-100 can be installed in any vehicle. Seriously, any vehicle. Whether old or new, your vehicle can be upgraded with the SansKey push button start system.


  • Auto-Crank

    Allows you to start your car with a quick press of the button. No need to hold the button while cranking.

  • Retained Accessory Power

    Means the ACC circuit will stay on after you shut down the engine. Allowing the tunes to keep bumping.

  • LED Dim

    If you've ever had aftermarket LED lighting in your car, you know it's either too dim in the day or too bright at night. We help you out by automatically dimming the push button's LED at night.
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How hard is it to install?

Installation is a breeze. Many of the installation steps required to install a remote starter are shared by the PBS-100. This means that any auto shop that installs remote starters should have no problems with installation. There are no special tools required and the setup procedure is easier than many remote starters.

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What if some punk tries to steal my ride?

The PBS-100 must be enabled in order to start the vehicle. When it's disabled, it can't start the vehicle. Integrating with a security system easily makes enabling and disabling automatic. If the security system is armed, the PBS-100 is disabled. Once the security system is unarmed, the PBS-100 can start the vehicle. You could also use a hidden switch, the power door locks or some other method to control enabling and disabling. If someone breaks in, they will have to disarm the security system or find the hidden switch in order to drive off.


Shut Down Your Vehicle in Emergencies

The PBS-100 was designed with safety in mind. If you can't stop your vehicle because the gas pedal gets stuck, you will still be able to cut power to the engine. In case of of emergencies, there are two ways to immediately cut power:

  • Press and hold the Start Button for one second.
  • Give the Start Button three quick presses.
Either of these actions will immediately cut all power - keeping you in total control.
Accidentally pressing the button won't start or stop the engine. When not using one of the emergency methods above, the brake must be pressed and held while pushing the button in order to start or stop the engine.


1 PBS-100 Module

1 Stainless Steel Pushbutton with Red LED
You need a 3/4in hole to mount it. The diameter of the face is 22mm(~0.867in)

3 Wire Harnesses with 3ft of Wire

3 40A Relays and Relay Harnesses

1 Crimpable Mini Fuse Holder with 10A fuse

1 Full-Color Installation Manual