Save Big With a Group Buy Discount

Once you tell your friends about the SansKey PBS-100 Keyless Starter, you know they’ll want one, too.
Get everybody in on the deal - and save.

  • Discounts are as follows:
    • 3-4 people: $10 off
    • 5-9 people: $20 off
    • 10 people: $30 off

How it works

Just fill out the form below, and we will send you a link that you can give to the people who are interested in the group buy.
When each person in your group clicks the link, a webpage will open where they can submit their shipping info.
Once the number of estimated people visit the page and submit their shipping info, we will send you and each person a link to purchase the PBS-100 at the discounted price.

What if I can't estimate how many people will be part of the group buy or if fewer people than expected fill out their shipping info?

Then one week after the form below is submitted, the number of people who did fill out their shipping info will be used to determine the discount.